Thankful for Presence

Happy Thanksgiving, the celebration that officially kicks off the holiday season. I hope that you can welcome this day, and all it represents, into your heart.

Today I will share what I am feeling especially thankful for—my dogs. Sace, our Bichon, and Mollie, our Black Labrador, have brought a different perspective to my life. They have taught me to slow down and be more present to the moment—even when we are just walking around our own neighborhood.

The last time I felt this level of presence was when my daughters were little. Every leaf was something at which to marvel, every cloud was a picture. While I cannot turn my daughters back into little girls, I can choose to go back to that level of presence—if only for short periods each day.

I am thankful for my husband, who is the primary caregiver to our furbabies. He takes them to work with him at his studio during the week and gets up early to play with them on weekends. And now there are three, as Peppermint, Lindsay’s Yorkie, who left with Lindsay for LA in January returned this week. Peppermint spent the last month in Chicago with ‘Aunt Courtney’ while Lindsay went on a health tour for Walgreens. Peppermint will stay with us now until Lindsay takes her home after Christmas.

Mollie and Sace welcomed Peppermint back and they cuddle and play. Peppermint nips at their heels trying to herd them on walks and is not afraid to attempt to take toys from the other two. All three greet me enthusiastically at the door whether I’m returning from a full day away at work or a quick errand.

And so the holiday season begins. The real gifts don’t come wrapped; they’re the people with whom we share our lives. Thank you for sharing mine.

Warm wishes to you and those you love for a season of joy and wonder, and a year of being present to the gifts in your life!