Work Party Dressing- The Midlife Edition

To celebrate the second anniversary of my company, Prosper for Purpose, I decided to hold a smaller and more casual celebration than the one that marked the end of year one. The location choice was easy--my husband's art studio/gallery. The food was another simple decision, as one of my clients is a caterer. The most difficult decision? What to wear. 

Dressing for parties in midlife can be tricky. You don't want to look dated, but you also don't want to show up in a dress that a twenty-something might be wearing. You want to showcase your assets but cover your liabilities. Finding a dress that achieved all this and was 'just right' for my company's party felt like a daunting challenge. 

Nothing in my closet seemed to evoke the celebratory-but-still-professional look I was going for. I was also determined NOT to spend money on a cocktail dress (however conservative) that would retire immediately following the party never to be seen again. So I looked online and waited for inspiration. 

Then one day, I went to meet my daughter at work and take her to dinner. And there it was on a sales rack at Saks: a DVF sleeveless fit and flare winter knit dress. I swooned. I held it up and saw poppies, my company flower. I smiled. 

I tried on the dress and Diane von Furstenberg did not disappoint. It was comfortable and flattering. Special but not fussy. I paired it with a jacket. What do you think?