2010: My Year in Review

Note: My year in review is not mine without news of my family, the center of my world. What they do certainly impacts me, so please indulge me a few paragraphs!

If I had to assign a theme to 2010, it would be experiences. There were many new experiences for each member of my family and through these experiences, new perspectives were gained, new paths were chosen and memories were made.

The highlight of my year was renting a large house in Lakeside for a week. Rob and I hosted Lindsay and Courtney, their boyfriends, my sisters, Lisa and Judi, as well as Judi’s daughters Christine and Catherine. I have been spending time in Lakeside every summer since I turned 21. (That’s a long time!) The girls and I realized how very important this place is to us and we plan to make spending time there a priority each summer.

Lindsay turned 23 and completed her first non-music tour--for Kohl's and the Youth Soccer League. I'm still not sure what she did, but she had a lot of fun and made enough money to fund her move to Los Angeles next month. I am proud of her hard work and dedication. Lindsay insists she's taking her Yorkshire terrier, Peppermint, but Rob and I have grown attached to this fearless eight pound ball of energy and tell Lindsay that we plan to hide her ;). Lindsay does not enjoy hearing this.

Courtney is living on South Michigan Avenue downtown Chicago. She and her roommate are on the 28th floor of a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. You can see Lake Michigan from her livingroom window. I told her it is all downhill from here. I could not have imagined such a life at 19! Courtney is doing well with her classes in fashion merchandising and is working at Banana Republic. (One of our favorite stores, but I believe her earnings are all going back to the store.) My former shy girl has become quite the city girl. Much of that is thanks to the care and influence of my sister, Lisa, who lives just three miles from Courtney. 

I travel to Chicago every few months. It is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Great vintage shops, lots of restaurants, wonderful nightlife, incredible people-watching--all the things I love about big cities. Best of all, the people are what we call 'midwestern friendly.' All this and two of my favorite people live there!

Rob spends six days each week at his gallery in Tremont. He has Mollie, our lab, Sace, our Bichon, and Lindsay's Peppermint, with him. Rob completed a series of contemporary landscapes for Farenheit Restaurant just down the street. The images capture the warmth of this place, one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Rob has branched out beyond portraits into many new styles and subjects.

On a sad note, we lost Other One, our beloved cat in October. Other One was the only cat of Rob’s former tribe when I met him and I usually called him ‘Only One.’ When Rob and I married, I went on allergy shots so that Other One could have full run of our home—including my lap. He truly was the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Rob created a wonderful painting in memory of Other One.

In November, I left my job as manager of public relations for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to become the director of marketing and communications for the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM). This internationally-recognized conservatory is in University Circle downtown Cleveland, very close to where Rob, the girls and I used to live in Cleveland Heights. While I loved my job at Jo-Ann, I had taken a step down to a manager’s position hoping that I would have the opportunity to advance quickly. After nearly three years with increasing responsibilities but no promotion, I decided it was time to move on. At CIM, I am a member of the president’s cabinet and I am very excited about my new responsibilities.

Finally, Rob and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking a 10-day trip to China. I have detailed that in a separate post, but we had an incredible time in this beautiful, historic country. The artistry is especially inspiring.

As 2010 ends, I wish for all of you a fresh new year of exciting experiences. Let it begin!